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Terms of use

1. Online sale of goods
The online sale of goods carried out between a commercial company and a private consumer is regulated under Italian Legislative Decree No. 206 of the Consumer Code of the 6th September 2005. This decree specifically applies to the ‘distance selling’ regulations, referred to in article 45 and 68, which provide for the right to return the goods without giving a reason, within 5*** + days from receipt of the goods. The provisions of the Consumer Code do not apply to professional buyers, i.e. purchasers using a VAT code.

2. Territories
LE COLONNE s.n.c accepts orders from all territories, i.e. Europe, America, Asia, Australia, etc.

3. Product information
The written information available online about the viewed product is purely indicative, as different users could make purchases for the same item at the same time, which could affect product availability. For this reason, on receipt of the confirmed order, LE COLONNE s.n.c reserves the right to verify the availability of the goods and, if unavailable, will promptly notify the client of the same via email and, where necessary, inform them of the inability to accept and process the order in the case of problems or delays.
Issues of various nature can arise that could cause eventual problems and delays and LE COLONNE s.n.c. will not be held liable in the case they are unable to process an order.”

4. Delivery costs
For orders that have a total of under € 3,000.00, packaging and delivery costs will be € [XXX]. For orders of € 5,000.00 and over, delivery will be free of charge. 5. Payment terms: payments can be made by bank transfer, Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards or pre-payment.

5. Payment terms and conditions

5.1 Bank transfer
For payments via bank transfer, once the order has been placed, the customer will receive an email confirmation with all the necessary details for making the payment. Shipment will be carried out as soon as the funds are cleared in our bank account, which is held at Unicredit Banca. Transfer times may vary, depending on the bank from which the payment is made, and usually take 2 to 5 working days to clear.

5.2 Credit card or pre-payment
Credit card payments or pre-payments are carried out via secure connection using the UNICREDIT BANK service. Our company will only receive the information that is strictly necessary for processing your order and we will not be given sensitive information about your credit card.

6. Delivery times and Shipment
 The products are usually sent out within seven days from receipt of payment for the goods. 
 As the products are all hand-made, artisanal goods, delivery times may take longer depending on the specific request. Therefore, in the event of a delay in the foreseen delivery times or issues with your order, we will promptly advise the client who may choose to cancel the order and ask for a refund. Deliveries are carried out using the [XXX] delivery service. Delivery usually takes two or three working days within the national territory (excluding the minor islands and remote areas). International deliveries usually arrive within approximately fifteen days. During this time the client will be able to track the status of the delivery online (online tracking).”

7. Delivery terms and conditions
In all cases where delivery issues are not due to the seller or courier, the goods are despatched at the recipient’s own risk. Whereas, the courier is the custodian of the goods until effective delivery of the same. As such, in the event the external packaging is damaged, it is vital that you inspect the packaging before signing for the delivery and advise the courier of any visible damage on the delivery receipt. To make delivery easier, all clients should provide their telephone number when placing their order, so we can contact you if there are any difficulties with the delivery or we are unable to deliver your parcel. This contact number will never be used for promotional purposes or shared with any other third parties, other than the courier delivering the goods. If the parcel is returned for any other reason that is not due to the recipient not being at home, incorrect address provided at the time the order was placed, or the parcel appears to have been tampered with, and the client requests redelivery to their address of the same, the same will incur the costs of the redelivery fees and the costs for the return of the same to the sender. In the event the delivery is returned to the depot and the client has been directly notified by either LE COLONNE S.N.C or the courier to arrange another delivery (on the telephone number for the address provided by the recipient), and they do not make contact with the courier within two days from the date of the same, we will request the return of the goods to our premises and reserve the right to charge the recipient for the return delivery costs.

8. Guarantee
The seller guarantees that the products correspond to their description and that they are fit for the intended purpose of use and free of any manufacturing defects. The guarantee covers the provisions provided for in the Consumer Code for goods purchased by non-commercial buyers. In the case of VAT number holders, the Italian Civil Code will apply.

9. Receipt of order and confirmation
Correct receipt of the order will be confirmed by LE COLONNE s.n.c via email and sent to the address provided by the client. Said confirmation message will contain all the information provided by the client at the time of the order and the client should check the email to make sure the order details are correct. If there are any errors, the client must notify LE COLONNE s.n.c. as soon as possible to correct the order. On receipt of the order, LE COLONNE s.n.c will check the availability of the goods and the accuracy of the information provided by the client and will send an order confirmation contract via email. This contract, which is entered into between the client and LE COLONNE s.n.c, will be considered confirmed only on receipt of the contract approval email from LE COLONNE s.n.c.. By placing an order on the website, the client hereby declares that they have read and agree to the sales terms & conditions, the proposed payment terms and all the terms and conditions of the purchasing process. In accordance with Article 3 and 4 of Italian Legislative Decree 185/89, the client will receive an email with all the necessary details for identifying the seller, which the client must keep together with the contract confirmation email.”

10. Purchase invoice
LE COLONNE s.n.c will issue an invoice for all the delivered goods and will send it to the buyer via email, in accordance with Article 14 of the Italian Presidential Decree No. 445/00 and Italian Legislative Decree No. 52/2004. The information provided by the client at the time of the order will be used to issue the invoice. The invoice cannot be changed once it has been issued.

11. Returns
Private buyers who purchase goods online, or in any case through distance selling, without being able to view the purchased goods directly have the right to return the same within ten (10) days from the date of delivery, without having to provide a reason, and will be refunded without any further costs. Refunds will be made either by a non-transferable cheque or bank transfer. However, the buyer will be responsible for paying the delivery costs for returning the item(s). Buyers who wish to return the goods must do so by sending an e-mail notification to within ten (10) days of receipt of the goods. On confirmation from LE COLONNE s.n.c,, the client must return the product(s) unused, in their original packaging, which must be completely intact, exclusively at their own expense.

12. Jurisdiction
Unless otherwise provided for in the Consumer Code, the court of Messina has exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute arising out of or in connection with this purchase agreement. ”

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