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One of our boutique's most important creations are awards, artistic expressions that become authentic sculptures. Crafted using the lost wax technique, we use all our creative flair to express the atmosphere and sentiments of the event for which they are made.


The one-of-piece has always been the foundation of our work. Over the years, we’ve created a wide variety of fine jewellery and original objects to suit the most varied of tastes and requests, all with that unique stylistic imprint of the Álvaro & Correnti Maison.
We’re displaying here a selection of Unique Pieces from out Boutique history, evergreen classics, Bespoke jewerly made on commission

We create bespoke jewelry from your own design

  • Award for Literary Excellence – Taobuk

    The Award for Literary Excellence is made in Taormina stone and 925 silver. This stone and silver sculpture immortalises the words, almost as if they have been sculpted in time.

  • The Taobuk Awards

    The TAOBUK Awards, a ceremony that recognises high-profile figures from the literary, creative and civil world, is held annually during the Taormina Book Festival, in some of the most striking districts of the city. Since 2014, the International Award for Literary Excellence and the Premio alla Carriera career awards, is a Golden Book that recognises extraordinary stories and experiences.

  • TAOBUK Medals

    These medals, created for TAOBUK, are awarded to people from various sectors, who have distinguished themselves in the artistic and literary fields.

  • TAOBUK Premio Sicilia Award

    Again, on occasion of the Taormina Book festival at the opening of the event, the Premio Sicilia is awarded, which is crafted in 925 silver and branches of coral.

  • Archeoclub Career Awards

    This award, which was given to the founder of Archeoclub Messina in 2009, is an interactive award composed of a LEGO brick pile made of 800 silver, where each brick marks each year of the association’s activities. The finished construction forms the name of the association and some of its most significant initiatives.

  • Premio Cinema dello Stretto Film Festival

    The Premio Cinema dello Stretto Film Festival has been held in Messina for many years to award the famous names from the art house film scene. The city’s connection with the strait is represented by Neptune, who is perched on a film stock.

  • Taormina Cinefestival Award

    Awarded during the Taormina Cinefestival until 2016, to some of the most important figures in the entertainment world, this award features a bipedal female centaur, the symbol of the city of Taormina, that has been fused with a film stock, a symbol of the locations ties with the world of cinema.

  • Vento d’Europa Award

    Vento d’Europa is a Ventotene Film Festival, established in 2013 for the seventieth anniversary of the birth of Movimento Federalista Europeo (European Federalist Movement), a festival that awards some of the most important players from the world of Italian and European cinema.

  • G7 Medal

    This medal was an honorary award, presented to the heads of state of the various participating countries, on occasion of the G7 meeting, held in Taormina on 26-27 May 2017.

We create bespoke jewellery to your own design

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