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Glyptography is the art of cameo and engraving precious stones. Engraved gems and cameos are objects of enormous value that unite the powerful allure of precious stones with the power of image, becoming status symbols in their own right. It is an art used to create family crests, genre scenes or official portraits, and a craft that is still carried out on in our workshop, even today.


The one-of-piece has always been the foundation of our work. Over the years, we’ve created a wide variety of fine jewellery and original objects to suit the most varied of tastes and requests, all with that unique stylistic imprint of the Álvaro & Correnti Maison.
We’re displaying here a selection of Unique Pieces from out Boutique history, evergreen classics, Bespoke jewerly made on commission

We create bespoke jewelry from your own design

  • Hermes ring with an engraved aquamarine stone

    With his winged hat, the head of Hermes, the divine messenger of the gods of Olympus, the keeper of mysteries, who guides souls to the underworld, has been engraved on an aquamarine stone set in a 22 carat gold ring.

  • Dionysus

    A carnelian engraved with the figure of Dionysus, the Greek divinity of wine and ecstasy.

  • Griffin

    A carnelian engraved with a Griffin, a mythical creature that is half lion and half eagle.

  • Initial ring

    An 18 carat gold and aged silver ring with engraved initials.

  • Family crest ring

    An 18 carat gold chevalier ring with a family crest engraved in green agate.

  • Aventurine ring

    A 22 carat gold ring with an engraved aventurine figure of Zeus sitting on a throne.

We create bespoke jewellery to your own design

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