Alvaro & Correnti | Handcrafted Jewelry in Messina/Taormina


Restyled classics or rediscovered ancient weaves, handcrafted miniatures and a play of precious gems.


The one-of-piece has always been the foundation of our work. Over the years, we’ve created a wide variety of fine jewellery and original objects to suit the most varied of tastes and requests, all with that unique stylistic imprint of the Álvaro & Correnti Maison.
We’re displaying here a selection of Unique Pieces from out Boutique history, evergreen classics, Bespoke jewerly made on commission

We create bespoke jewelry from your own design

  • Double-face gold and ruby bracelet

    A large, double-face, 18 carat gold bracelet with carrè rubies on the front and a decorative gold geometric and granulated motif on the reverse.

  • Double-face gold, silver and ruby bracelet

    A bracelet with 18 carat gold and aged silver on one side and alternating carrè ruby elements on the other.

  • Bracelet with diamond accents

    Modular elements in aged silver, finished with diamond-shaped elements set with carrè rubies.

  • Engraved bronze bracelet

    Antique-style bronze bracelet, set between two gold band, and finished with an oxidised bronze crown with the engraving of a mythological creature.

  • Gold bracelet with engraved carnelian

    The solid 18 carat gold band has been finished with geometric motifs and offset by a carnelian stone with a dragon engraving.

  • Engraved carnelian bracelet

    Solid iron ring encased in pure gold with two iron studs with an aged finish, offset by carnelian stone, with an engraving of a mythological creature.

  • Emerald and ruby bracelet

    Double-face bracelet in 18 carat gold with rubies on one side and cabochon emeralds on the other.

  • Arethusa’s Head

    Bracelet crafted in woven 925 silver with a reproduction of a Syracusan decagram of the nymph Arethusa from the 5th century A.D., set between two gold elements.

  • Solid gold and silver bracelet

    This thick silver bracelet features large 22 carat gold elements and closures in decorated terracotta.

  • Coin Motifs

    Leather bracelet with riveted aged gold and silver elements, inset with different Syracusan coins from the 5th century A.D.

  • Slave bracelet

    A series of solid slave-style bracelets that are available in 18 carat gold and aged silver or set with rubies and emeralds. An Alfaro & Correnti classic.

  • Bracelet with miniatures

    Solid burnished silver bracelet, plated in 18 carat gold, and finished with a reproduction of a silver Sicilian-Punic coin.

  • Bronze and gold bracelet

    Burnished bronze bracelet, plated in 22 carat gold and decorated with applied elements.

  • Diamond bracelet

    Modular link bracelet in 18 carat gold and aged silver with diamonds. Álvaro & Correnti’s interpretation of the diamond tennis bracelet.

  • Double-face moonstone bracelet

    One side of this double-faced bracelet features a series of gold settings and moonstones, while the other features a multi-faceted geometric motif on a silver base.

  • Emerald bracelet

    A double-faced bracelet, featuring an alternating cabochon and carrè cut emerald surround and square elements in18 carat gold and aged-finish silver.

  • Coin bracelet

    This burnished silver bracelet has been finished with pure gold gridwork and a bronze coin with a portrait of a man in a Greek helmet.

  • Gold and silver bracelet

    A selection of bracelets in 18 carat gold and aged silver. Great classics from the Alvaro & Correnti jewellery collection.

  • Chariot bracelet

    A series of alternating gold and burnished silver thunderbolt motifs, inset with a central coin featuring a chariot and rider in aged silver.

  • Roman bracelet

    The links of this intricate buckle bracelet have been crafted in pure gold thread using an extremely ancient weaving technique.

  • Ruby bracelet

    A series of alternating 18 carat gold and burnished silver elements, studded with rubies.

We create bespoke jewellery to your own design

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