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Ornamental pendants, ancestral talismans, like sculptural Greek columns bearing precious stones and colourful, shimmering jewels.


The one-of-piece has always been the foundation of our work. Over the years, we’ve created a wide variety of fine jewellery and original objects to suit the most varied of tastes and requests, all with that unique stylistic imprint of the Álvaro & Correnti Maison.
We’re displaying here a selection of Unique Pieces from out Boutique history, evergreen classics, Bespoke jewerly made on commission

We create bespoke jewelry from your own design

  • Scarab pendant

    A multi-coloured agate stone, engraved with a scarab and set in an aged silver and 18 carat gold box pendant with a handcrafted gold lock and key.

  • Dancing satyr pendant

    An aged bronze frame with a bronze sculpture emerging from a plate of 22 carat gold, that recalls the dancing satyrs of the town of Mazara del Vallo.

  • Bronze star pendant

    A 22 carat gold pendant, inset with a seven-pointed star in aged bronze.

  • Gold and bronze pendant

    Part of a horse’s harness or buckle, this aged bronze element has been mounted in a 22 carat gold setting.

  • Alabaster pendant

    A reproduction of a classic, ancient Athenian Drachma, with an inscription of an owl and the letters ‘ATHE’ in alabaster, set in an 18 carat gold and aged silver pendant.

  • Bronze fragment pendant

    An aged bronze fragment engraved with plant motifs, with a 22 carat gold setting and accents.

  • Spearhead pendant

    A fragment of aged bronze in the form of a spearhead, contoured by a 22 carat gold setting.

  • Javelin Head Pendant

    A fragment of aged bronze in the shape of a javelin head, set in a 22 carat gold element on a gold and leather necklace.

  • Bronze disc pendant

    Finished with a geometric design, the lower part of the bronze disc is supported by an element in 22 carat gold that joins with a leather necklace.

  • Heracles and the Nemean Lion

    A 22 carat gold pendant with a grained surface and rubies with a central silver miniature depicting Heracles battle with the Nemean Lion.

  • Stone mosaic pendant

    This round pendant in aged bronze and 22 carat gold features a contrasting stone mosaic inset.

  • Cross pendant

    A round element in smooth stone, engraved with a Greek cross and geometric motifs. The bronze and 22 carat gold setting has been embellished with carrè cut emeralds.

  • Tibetan Knot

    An endless, Tibetan knot in an aged silver and 18 carat gold setting, embellished with five carrè cut moonstones.

  • Pendant with a man’s face

    A rectangular, 22 carat gold pendant with burnished silver points surrounds a miniature with the head of a young man.

  • Heracles and the Cretan Bull

    22 carat gold and aged silver pendant, featuring a miniature of Heracles’ battle with the Cretan Bull.

  • Face fragment pendant

    The sculpture of a 22 carat gold face emerges from a rock crystal base with aged silver stains.

  • Terracotta head pendant

    A 22 carat gold pendant with a sculptural terracotta fragment of a head set on a gold pedestal.

  • Sleeping lion pendant

    An 18 carat gold and aged silver pendant with a central miniature of a sleeping lion.

  • Aquamarine pendant

    Two silver seahorse heads crown an 18 carat gold setting with a generous cabochon aquamarine stone.

  • Emerald pendant

    A 22 carat gold and diamond sculpture of a bird with black diamond and emerald-studded wings holds a branch with a moving drop of 20.43ct Colombian emerald.

We create bespoke jewellery to your own design

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