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Fine jewellery pieces, personal ornamentation, symbols of power and status. Rings are an essential and iconic element of goldsmithing tradition.


The one-of-piece has always been the foundation of our work. Over the years, we’ve created a wide variety of fine jewellery and original objects to suit the most varied of tastes and requests, all with that unique stylistic imprint of the Álvaro & Correnti Maison.
We’re displaying here a selection of Unique Pieces from out Boutique history, evergreen classics, Bespoke jewerly made on commission

We create bespoke jewelry from your own design

  • Gold rings with engraved bronze insets

    A series of rings with ancient-style bronze insets. A classic Alvaro & Correnti piece.

  • Double-banded hinged ring with a coin inset

    A cast of a coin in antique-finish silver embellishes this 22 carat gold ring with a hinged double band.

  • Engraved crystal rock ring

    This piece combines the prestige of the miniature with the refinement of intaglio-work gemstones: a 22 carat gold ring with two small side rubies and a crystal rock gemstone with a bird engraving.

  • Chalcedony and moonstone ring

    These rounded 22 and 18 carat gold rings feature an impressive moonstone and a cabochon chalcedony gemstone.

  • Hinged ring with a scarab

    This 22 carat gold ring with an engraved, hinged band has been embellished with a multi-coloured, engraved agate gemstone.

  • Pure gold rings

    Many of Alvaro & Correnti’s creations are made in alloys with a high gold content (22 carat gold). Here is a selection of some of our classic designs.

  • Double-face intaglio ring

    This 22 carat gold double-face ring features a carnelian and gold inset, engraved with the figure of a woman holding a trophy, which can be rotated to show the positive side of the cast.

  • Trilogy Alvaro & Correnti

    A reinterpretation of the classic Trilogy diamond ring with carrè diamonds and a 22 carat gold setting.

  • Spiral ring

    A 22 carat gold ring with two side cabochon emeralds in a burnished bronze spiral setting.

  • Mask ring

    22 carat gold ring with a central white stone, sculpted into the shape of a mask.

  • Gold and terracotta ring

    18 carat gold ring with a ruby and central element in hand painted terracotta with a spiral or labyrinth pattern.

  • Composable diamond ring

    Burnished silver ring with a pure gold lining, gold setting, diamond and a removable ring in 22 carat gold.

  • Gold ring with silver miniature inset

    A selection of 16 carat gold and cabochon ruby rings with an antique-style miniature inset in an aged silver finish.

  • Emerald ring

    A series of 22 carat gold rings with marquise emeralds.

  • Diamond ring

    A burnished silver ring with a diamond ring that fits inside another 22 carat gold ring with two side gemstones.

  • Gold rings

    A series of 18 carat gold rings with zodiac sign miniatures. An Alvaro & Correnti classic.

  • Coin ring

    18 carat gold ring with cabochon rubies and a bronze coin with an Imperial portrait.

  • Emerald rings

    A selection of some of our workshops classic, 22 carat gold emerald rings.

  • Mother of pearl ring

    The soft lines of the mother of pearl crown are perfectly offset by the curvaceous contours of the 18 carat gold setting.

  • Sculpture ring

    Gold ring with diamonds and emeralds. The birds that support the Columbian 4.03ct emerald have black diamond eyes and emerald wings.

  • Opal ring

    An Australian opal set in an 18 carat gold ring studded with diamonds.

  • Pearl ring

    Crafted in 18 carat gold, this sculptural ring features alternating burnished silver and grey pearl accents.

  • Sapphire ring

    This 18 carat gold pavè diamond ring features a 12.80 carat sapphire, held up by two birds with black diamond eyes.

We create bespoke jewellery to your own design

Contact us or pop in for a chat and, together, we will design your unique and personal creation.

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